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Unhappily Ever Now Release New Single "Pleading (The Haunting of Scars)"

Stream the official music video now

Unhappily Ever Now

(Phoenixville, PA) - Industrial rock group Unhappily Ever Now have released their first new single since their 2021 self-titled debut EP. Dark, gritty, melodic and emotional, yet unique – “Pleading (The Haunting of Scars)”explores the self-doubt experienced when personal growth comes from great loss and trauma.

Watch the official music video below now. Click HERE for the audio MP3 of the song.

With a familiar dark alternative sound like that of Stabbing Westward, TOOL/A Perfect Circle, and Rammstein, the song delivers a fresh approach from the band with its male and female vocals, unique blend of organic and electronic instrumentation, and intense yet melodic vocal phrases.

The cover artwork for the single incorporates a limited special augmented reality listening experience that can be activated by downloading the Artivive app ( and scanning the artwork.

The upcoming remixes include collaborations with JP Anderson from Rabbit Junk and Walter Flakus (Stabwalt) from Stabbing Westward.

The Rabbit Junk Remix (coming 07/07/23) highlights an intensely catchy and danceable gothwave vibe that beautifully captures the raw emotion of the original and translates it into a sound perfect for any club night.

The Stabbing Westward Remix (coming 09/08/23) resonates like an industrial rock waltz swaying to the beat of intense synth and bass reminiscent of the classic Stabbing Westward sound.

Unhappily Ever Now is composed of Cleopatra Records (Green Jelly) songwriter Stephen Watson (lead performer and songwriter) and Maria V (vocals, lyrics, and melodies). Dan Milligan performed drums on the studio single, and it was mixed and mastered by Joy Thieves Productions.

Unhappily Ever Now presents a serious, brooding, and critical outlook on the human condition through intense expressions of emotive hard rock with industrial rock tendencies influenced by bands such as Stabbing Westward, TOOL/A Perfect Circle, Rammstein, and Sevendust.

See the Unhappily Ever Now EPK HERE. For more information, promo requests, or to arrange an interview, contact Stephen Watson at, or visit

The music video for the song was produced and directed by Joel Lopez of Lumbra Productions and filmed onsite predominantly at Haunted White Hill Mansion in New Jersey

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